Thursday, December 30, 2010

Subbie Knows Best

What was that? Did you hear that? I think it was the sound of hell freezing over!!! Or pigs flying!!! Yeah I won! I won! I won! Take that R! Let me repeat that in case you didn't hear the first time, or second or third. I WON!!!!!!! God I've been waiting for this day! Yep- the day R has to admit he was WRONG! Let me explain why I'm so excited. R and I tend to bet on a lot of odd things and I always, always lose. Well, not this time! That's right- subbie knows best. Say it! Don't mumble- say it loud and proud! Subbie knows best! Louder! :)

I can't even remember all the crazy bets we've had but this is the first time I've actually won. Well this time I went into this bet knowing 100% without a doubt that I would win. Here's a couple other bets we've had. Our first bet was whoever found the craziest, ugliest most grotesque picture on CM would win. Loser had to buy drinks. I did pretty damn well I thought! But Mr. Hustler cheated! So of course he won. OK- so he didn't cheat, just left out important info! Another bet we had was when meeting Kinky or should I say Sir K for the first time. R said I would without a doubt play somehow the first meeting. I said I wouldn't and I had learned my lesson about playing that soon. Bet- $10.00. I still say we did not play! We should have a damn jury for these bets! But I paid up anyways because I knew I would never hear the end of "You did play!" Apparently R sees biting and spanking as play. But hey- it didn't even qualify as spanking! It was more like a love tap. Seriously! Compared to Sir K's spankings- it was like a fly landing on me- hardly felt it! If I'm not purple and wincing- it's not spanking.

Biting and love taps are not D/s! That's just good fun! Come on like you've never bit anyone on the neck before without "playing". Am I the only wild child out there that sees these things as normal during a make out session? Whatever! I paid up anyways! But I will go to my grave still vowing we did not play. So in my opinion- you owe me $10.00! Seriously- lets get a panel together to judge these crazy bets we have! Cause R- you so don't play fair! You always stack the deck in your favor! But this time- I'm the one that stacked the deck in my favor hehehehe!

So the bet! We bet on whether my Christmas gift from Sir K was a collar or not. R said it was a collar- I said there was no way possible it was a collar. I'm one that loves surprises but at the same time things drive me crazy if I don't know the outcome. So when Sir K said he was making my present- I had to figure out what the hell it was! I love riddles and puzzles- they excite me. But I just wanted to take the easy way out so I kept asking Sir what he made me. I wanted to know what the hell he could be making me that I would like. I had no clue! So somehow we started revealing clues to each other about our gifts. But the more clues he gave me the more freakin confused I became! Now I'm not one that likes to admit defeat- so I made it my goal to figure out what this damn gift was. That was the only thing that went through my mind for the three days that it took for me to figure out what it was. That's how R got involved. I was so confused and just wanted to know what the hell the gift was so I told R the clues I was given thinking he would be able to help me figure it out.

You're probably wondering what the clues were. Well first when he said he was making me a gift I thought- what the hell could he be making? Then I thought- well maybe it's not something he is physically making cause I could not for the life of me think of anything that he could make me. Plus since half of my gift to Sir was kinky in nature I immediately thought- it's gotta be kinky! So the first few clues I was given was that he was making it, it's priceless, it would melt my heart, we'd discussed it before a couple times and it involved someone important to me- but they didn't know of it nor were they helping in any way. Still on my kinky trip I thought- WTF could melt my heart that has to do with kink?! Then I thought it has to involve either R or Hottie because those are the only people in the lifestyle that I would consider "important" to me. But I thought- well it has to be R then. I still do not know much about Hottie. But what could he make that has to do with R? I was stumped.

The next day I wake up and yes- the first thing on my mind is the damn present again. I think- maybe I'm looking at it from the wrong point of view. So I figure- it's not kinky in nature at all. It has to either involve my Mom or my daughter somehow but still had no idea what it could be that involved either of them. Then I remembered- priceless. So I started thinking of things that were priceless. Hmm- OK what are in those damn MasterCard commercials? hehe- yes this is how my mind thinks. Then I come up with photos! Photos are priceless! So I ask Kinky is it photos? He answers- "Of?" Dammit! Well he said we were going to have one of his good friends take photos of us so maybe that's what he meant. Did he mean that the person taking the photos would be the one I considered important? So I tell him- the pictures your friend is going to take of us. Nope- not it. Then I think- well it must involve pictures then since he asked what the pictures were of. But if it didn't involve those pictures I didn't see how it could involve pictures because if it had to do with my Mom or daughter he had no way of accessing any pictures of them so that couldn't be it.

So now completely stumped I ask R to help me. I tell him the clues, he says it's a collar. No! How could a collar have anything to do with someone important to me? "I don't know but I'm telling you it's a collar." No- a collar is not priceless! "Yes a collar is priceless! It's the only thing that he could make you that would be priceless!" Dude- it's not a collar. The only discussion we've had about collars wasn't even a conversation! It was more oh, that would be interesting to try. Not him saying one day I shall collar you! No! It's not a collar. "It's a damn collar." No! I don't even know what his views are on collars! Plus if it's a "collar" I'm to wear everyday it better not be leather and look like a dog collar cause I gots a normal life as well! What- we've known each other a few months? You think he's gonna buy me a collar? "It's a collar." No- no, it's not. "Want to bet?" Fine! But I'll win! Oh God- it better not be a collar now! "OK- if it's a collar you have to bring me the new crop you bought and I'll show you how to use it properly." Dammit! Don't be a collar, don't be a collar!

So I ask Sir K if it's a collar- he said he would tell me if I guessed right. Nope not a collar! Hahahahaha! "No- he's pulling your leg. It's a collar." No it's not! "Not giving up until you actually have your gift in hand." Fine- but it's not a damn collar. Just admit that you're wrong already! Oh! That's what he'll have to do if he loses- R will have to post a comment on my blog admitting to everyone he was WRONG! Perfect! Yeah- I know how he can never admit he is wrong or that he LOST! :)

The next day I get a couple more clues. The person it involves is female- OK so it's not R, that it's made out of plastic, it was something we had talked about before a couple times and it's round. I am even more confused now because here I am still wondering what kinky thing he could come up with that would melt my heart and had to do with a female! OK- so the plastic really threw me off! It can't be kinky. It has to be vanilla and it has to involve my daughter- I don't see anything involving my Mom. I kept going back to pictures because he had asked me to specify what type of pictures. But I kept thinking- he has no access to any pictures! I'm sitting at my desk looking at my pictures of my daughter and BAM! It hit me! I totally forgot that he had my old laptop that crashed. He had taken it to see if he could get anything off the hard drive! Pictures!!! yep :) Definitely priceless- pictures that could not be replaced- baby pics of my daughter. Awwwww! I'm so happy!

So, R- you ready to do this? Now remember- I specified you had to say you were wrong and you lost! But, if you want to include this too it would be perfect. Something like: Thats right folks. I lost to the subbie. I have finally met my match intellectually- or she may even surpass my intellect. She's one tough cookie! You have to stay one step ahead if you want to win against her! Yes, I was completely and utterrly wrong. I lost! Subbie knows best and always will.

Just an idea. So- say it!!!! Say the words I have been waiting a looooooong time to hear........

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  1. Ok T here it goes.... I was wrong!!!!! Yes thats right you finally got to hear it. But I still say I was right about ALL the other bets we have had. And no no no you are not smarter then me or even my math intellectually but that is ok I will love ya. But for this one time you were right and I know I will never hear the end of it. Well at least not until we conclude this next bet that we have. Which I of course will win. Maybe I will just have you post another blog taking back everything you said on this one and admit that I am always right. Anyways looking forward to this weekend subbie mcright!