Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Bubble For You

I've learned each individual you come across in your life brings out a particular aspect of your personality. Some good, some bad, others just downright horrid! My focus in 2012, surround myself with individuals that bring out the best in me and I in them. I'm going to refer to it as my bubble of awesomeness! Are you awesome; Do you bring out an awesome side of me? Well come on in my bubble of AWESOMENESS! Not sure if you are awesome? Well, what's the password? You know the secret handshake? It's a very exclusive bubble. Months of screening ;) I think I an well on my way this year of finding people to join me in my bubble of awesomeness. There are quite a few people in my bubble, but in this post I'm going to focus on 2 individuals considering I had an amazing night with them recently.

I'm a firm believer in fate and karma. I strongly believe things happen for a reason and what you put out in the universe, you get back. Every person that comes into our life, whether you like it or not, leaves an impression on you. They help paint your life portrait. At first it may look like a mish mosh of shit- a brushstroke here. An accidental splatter of paint there. But in the end when you step back and look at the whole picture- it's beautiful chaos. When I met Sir I truly felt a strong connection immediately. Like I had known him all my life. I thought it was karma finally paying me back for all the good I put out there. He's someone that gets me 100% I can't explain it, it's odd. But I have a connection with him like no other.

Strange thing- I recently met another individual I feel I have a close connection to. I'll call her Muse :) She tends to inspire creativity in many facets of life. I'm not sure if it's because we are both Moms or at a similar point in our lives or our personalities just compliment each other- but I feel close to her. Hell, maybe fate decided we needed to be friends! I just know she is awesome. She's in my bubble of awesomeness!

Now out comes my insecure side. This past weekend when when all three of us went out  I couldn't help but think these people are way too awesome for me! Just go! The two of you and all your awesomeness and just go! I don't deserve your attention. I just can't get over the fact that Sir, in all his awesomeness loves me. On top of that, you mean Muse thinks I'm pretty awesome myself?! No! Too much! So let me just say I am very thankful to know two such amazing people. I look forward to this journey and am happy to have great people in my life- in whatever capacity they end up filling.

OK, so all the seriousness is out of the way. Now I can talk about the fun that was had the other night. It's been a long time since I posted about one of my outings and I've been told some miss hearing about them. So here it goes!

I've only hung out with Sir and Muse together twice now. But both times have been so fun! The only way to describe our outings- they're a tornado of funtastical craziness! Or is it a hurricane? I always get those two confused. Which one is on land? Hold on, let me Google it...... OK, a TORNADO of funtastical craziness!!! Maybe our bubble of awesomeness should have a mascot. The Tornado's! Sorry I digress.

So, we started the night out with dinner. "Welcome to BJ's- would you like to try one of BJ's signature hand crafted sodas?" Uhhhhh, I don't know, do I? What the hell would that taste like? Hand crafted- yeah I have an idea what it would taste like you pervert! How would you like to work there and have to go up to every table and say "welcome to BJ's! How about a BJ soda?" I'm sorry, could you please clarify. Would that be a BJ with a soda or a BJ flavored soda?  Man! I really can't keep my shit together tonight! I keep going off on tangent after tangent. Then again- that's pretty much how the night went!

Sir and I pick Muse up and went to dinner. I texted Muse beforehand cause I found out from hanging out last time that she likes to dress up like me! Woo hoo! Someone I can get dolled up with! Then Sir had to ruin the surprise I had for him! I texted Muse and said "hey! I'm dressing up if you want to too. I know Sir appreciates it". Then Sir texts me and says "wear a dress and heels". What the- God Dammit!! Now it's "your" idea! I never get away with anything. Humph! Guess that's why you're the Master hehehehe

We grab a bite to eat. I was kinda nervous that night so dinner was really a blur. So I'll just go over what I feel are the highlights of dinner. First and foremost- I sat next to the pretty Muse. It was pretty funny because at one point all three of us were holding hands. You should have seen the look on some peoples faces. I actually found it pretty funny. You could see what they were thinking "wait, is he with her or her? Or is she with her and he's with.... I'm confused". It was brilliant!

WARNING! This is where we went off on all kinds of tangents. But the two most memorable had to be the safe word conversation and Sir drinking his soda. I'll go into more detail. So, Muse and her husband had a great idea- well what I find is an awesome idea! When they are out and a situation becomes too much for one or the other they have a set safe word that they say so the other knows to intervene. Say if one is flirting with someone and they start to feel uncomfortable with where it's going they say their safe word. Sir was joking around saying that even Muse and I could have a safe word between the two of us- crucifix. Just- just remember that word for later on. The second tangent- Sir and his soda..... Have I ever mentioned how odd Sir is? Well, I'm one to talk lol. We are all oddballs! We are sitting there talking and out of the blue Sir gets his napkin and puts it on his chest and says "you're going to think I'm out of my mind but I have to try this"- what? Do I want to know what you are going to do?! He proceeds to take his soda and laps at it like a dog. Muse and I were in hysterics. I'm in hysterics just writing about it! His explanation for it- he wanted to know what it was like to lap at something like a dog. And this man owns me?! ;) It's one of those things where you had to be there- that's just all there is to it.

So after the crucifix conversation and Sir Shaggy and his soda- we headed for a cozy little bar. Uh, we all drank a lot. I drank a LOT! We decided to all play pool. Bad decision for me because of all the distractions! I had Sir spanking me and then the beautiful Muse standing there in all her hotness. If that wasn't enough- she expects me to concentrate after she kisses me?! So not cool. Needless to say we gave up on pool pretty fast.

We decided to just hang out at the bar and.... try to freak out the regulars! Well at least that was my intent. I had an older dude sitting next to me that overheard we were in open relationships. He seemed to not be able to understand the concept. Muse was busy hitting on the cute bartender. Fine, bartender you can be in our bubble of awesomeness. Muse likes you so you are in. Old dude- I don't know. I'm keeping an eye on you. Step away from the bubble.

 I find myself alone with the old dude. WTF! Where did Muse and Sir go?! He proceeds to ask me questions about our "open" relationship. He looks at me like I'm a three headed alien. Then he reaches out to shake my hand. Once he has ahold of my hand he says "Hi. I'm Fishlips"- OK so that really isn't his name but it should be! "Hi. I'm Fishlips", he proceeds to pull me closer by my hand that he still has ahold of and plants a slimy, cold kiss on my mouth! What the hell just happened? Crucifix...... Crucifix! Crucifix, crucifix, crucifix!........ CRUCIFIX!!! I sit there in total shock. "your boy's gonna kill me" you damn right he gonna kill you! Run Forest, run! I'm about to unleash the fury that is Sir! "no, he's fine. We are fine".

 I excuse myself and go find Sir talking to friends. I'm almost afraid to tell him what just happened because I'm not one to start shit with strangers. So I decide maybe I'll just whisper the "safe word" in his ear and he will ask what's up. "Hey baby. What's up?" I whisper "uh, crucifix". I'm expecting him to be worried and ask what is wrong. What reaction do I get? He slumps over in a fit of laughter. What?! This is serious business! This is no laughing matter! Slimy Fishlips just kissed me! He's a damn Honey Badger- just takes what he wants! That Fishliped Honey Badger just raped my lips!! Word to the wise- don't use a safe word that was used in a joking conversation and expect results. Well since Sir wasn't going to do anything about it, I decided to go sit next to Muse and pray Fishlips would leave me the hell alone. No such luck! Here I am trying my damnedest to avoid eye contact with him and he is just staring!!! You so are not allowed in the bubble of awesomeness! No bubble for you! You mister get a bubble of your own that is in the corner! The bubble of SHAME! Go! Get away from our bubble of awesomeness. Don't even look at it- get! Muse seemed to pick up on the creepiness of Fishlips and sat with me. Thank God he left soon after that! Ewwwww!!!

We left shortly after that. Sir was taking his sweet time talking to friends. So Muse grabbed my hand and said "let's go make out in the parking lot" you read my mind! That's exactly what I was thinking! So we run to the parking lot. I love that girls lips!!! I could kiss her all night. Shortly after look who decided to join us- oh Sir! ;) We drive home after that. I'm not sharing anymore of the the night- I'll leave you all wondering. Ha Ha! I'd actually rather keep some things to myself.

There you go- I'm back to going out and having fun. It's been too long since I let loose. With Sir and Muse I just feel completely comfortable, safe. I know I can be me! I am a social person whether I want to admit it or not. So it feels really good to get out there again. I have Muse and Sir to thank for that. Together they bring out that fun side of me that wants to let loose and be myself and not worry about others opinions. It's a great thing. So hopefully there will be many more nights of funtastical craziness to come!

Hey Muse! How many tallies I get from this post ;)

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  1. EWWWWW! -flailing everywhere- Mr. Fishlips sounds like a total smarmy creeper...

    Also the BJ's soda totally just almost made me spit my morning tea at the screen. LMAO!