Saturday, January 14, 2012

No Bullshit Guide To Submission

I recently had a reader contact me about submission. She's new to the "lifestyle" and is wanting to learn how to be submissive. I have had many contact me before, which is why I finally decided: what the hell! I'll write about it on my blog. But first I have to say, no one can "teach" you how to be submissive. I feel you are or you aren't. So I can't teach anyone to be submissive, but I can give you the tools to work with.

I also want to point out that I am not all knowing lol. So please do not think I am sitting on my high horse saying "this is how it's done". There is one thing you need to know about Dominance and submission, and that is there is no right or wrong way of doing it. So I will try to keep things as general as possible while talking about the different aspects of submission. But me being human, and since this is my blog- chances are my own spin will come into play. Just know that submission is not one size fits all. This is Mariposa's size. You can take what you want and change what you don't like in your own relationships.

When I started my blog, one of my intentions was to educate people on the lifestyle. So many have such a narrow view of BDSM- I want to do my part to open their minds. So I view this as my way of giving back to the BDSM community. But I'll be honest- I'm a straightforward person. So if you are looking for someone to take you by the hand and gently show you the way, go elsewhere. This is the no bullshit guide! Hence the name ;)

I'll be doing a series of posts on submission. So far I have five categories I'm going to post on: terms, what submission is/isn't, different dynamics, bottoms vs. sub vs. slave and establishing limits/safe words/communication. As I start writing I may add to it. But at this point those are the topics I will cover. Also anyone that wants to add to it, please comment. I'm all for others opinions and take on things. I am here to help anyone that wants info. So you can also e-mail me if there is a certain question you have or a topic you want me to cover. You can find my e-mail on my contact me page.

I'm really excited to write about this actually! So I thank my reader for inspiring me! Here goes nothing :) More to come soon.

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