Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lets Talk About Sex

That's what this post is about- sex. Pure and simple! SEX! We're taking a break with the whole guide to submission thing to get down to something that has been going on the past few months- amazing sex! The reason I bring it up is because I'm baffled! What has changed? What is it that has made the past few months the best sex I've ever had? Is it because I'm getting closer to being in my prime? Is it the fact that I am just so sexually attracted to Sir? Is it the domination? Too many factors to actually figure out what caused such a huge change. But why not sit and analyze those categories? :) Might as well- considering sex is on my mind most of the day!

I will be 29 this year. I have been dreading this year. OMG! The big 3-0 is coming soon! But I have to tell you, if the big 3-0 means feeling this damn good- bring it on!!!! You're probably wondering what it actually means to be in your "prime". Well according to many sites they state it is generally easier to achieve orgasm and you orgasm more often. Also that your sexual appetite increases. Last, you are more confident as a person in general. Um, check, check and check!! I don't just orgasm more frequently or easier- sex in general just feels good! Before yeah, it was good. But only certain angles felt better and such. Now- good god! I almost hyperventilated last time and I didn't even orgasm! THEN- while I was you know, taking care of things myself the other day ;) I had three orgasm back to back!  I couldn't stop myself. I had one and then OMG- another and then OMFG another!! I was thinking "is it ever going to stop?!" Damn! That's all I have to say- damn! If this is my prime- I am so embracing it!

So if it's not my prime- then maybe it's my attraction to Sir. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe because I haven't really been attracted to someone physically and their personality at the same time. To me that is odd. It's either one or the other. I usually find them extremely hot and really don't like their personality or I love their personality and have no physical attraction to them. So I find when I'm spending time with Sir that I switch from one moment just loving talking, cuddling- to wanting to jump on him and devour him! So attraction could be a factor in this equation.

Then comes the fact that Sir is so dominating. I have always been attracted to dominant men. But all the men I dated that were dominant were only dominant to a point. I would push them and they would roll over on their backs wanting me to scratch their bellies. That's no fun! I push so you will tell me no! I push so you WILL dominate me! So with Sir- he doesn't let me get away with things. Every time I test or push- a chill runs down my spine when he gives me that look as if to say "I'm in fuckin charge!" Even something that is in no way sexual! It could be him telling me to get him a glass of water and I say no and he gives me the look. I can't help but get excited!!! Because I know when we are alone- the evil, sexy, sadistic Dom will come out and bring it to my attention that I didn't obey. Yes, domination definitely plays a role.

I figured it out! What factor makes this the best I've felt ever- all three. It's a deadly combination! But if I could choose how I went, I would sooooooo choose to go due to those three factors. God damn!!!

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