Saturday, February 18, 2012


I am going to take a break with the whole Guide to Submission posts. A few things have been getting to me. One, the reason I started posting about that topic- I'm not feeling it anymore. The inspiration for that particular sequence of posts has been soured. Needless to say I am getting rid of all the negative energy in my life at the moment. Those posts- they have a negative draw to them for me. Second- who the hell am I to tell you what submission is and isn't?! I'm not all knowing. I'm just another fellow BDSMer. Third, I am in a negative spot right now and want to yell at a few people "go figure it out yourself! I had to! I didn't have anyone holding my hand telling how to do things!" Like I said- it's negative and I hate to be a negative person. But, it's a sore subject at the moment. So I'm taking a break and trying to move on and leave all that negative outlook behind. It's gone, what's done is done. Let's look to the future :) So I will be back to posting about the random topics that enter my crazy brain! Enjoy!

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