Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kama Sutra

Yes, you read right. Kama Sutra. "Um, isn't this a BDSM blog?" Yes, yes it is. But I'm an avid reader and love to learn about different cultures and am fascinated with history. I'm not sure how I got on my kama Sutra kick- my brain is a confusing place. I was thinking about sex, as I always am, and that lead to thinking about different positions. Positions made me think of kama sutra and pleasure. Then I stopped and thought- who's the crazy kinky SOB that came up with kama sutra anyway?! So I googled it. Damn!! After reading the first line about the author I was thinking oh, I have to get this fuckin book!

The thing that caught my eye was about the author- Valsyayana, who supposedly was a celibate monk. My FIRST thought was wait, they have Indian monks?! Call me naive but when I think of monks I immediately think of China, you know Tibet? But apparently back in the day there were monks in India. My second thought was a celibate monk writing about sex. Oh that's so sick and twisted..... I LOVE it!!!! Valsyayana apparently said his work in compiling all of the sexual knowledge of ages past- was a form of masturbation and ejaculation- I mean meditation and contemplation. Val, you dirty boy you! Sounds like you were involved in some extracurricular activities. "Hey Val, aren't you going to join us for dinner?"  "uh, no I have to go.... meditate some more." More like procreate! Naughty, naughty Val!

So now hooked, I begin to read on a little more about kama sutra. I'm sure most of you thought it was a big book of contortionists having sex like I did. Oh, no no! There is so much more! "Mariposa, what does this have to do with BDSM?" I'll get there don't worry. Anyways- it seems this big book of naughtiness that I must get my hands on- is about the basic belief that in order for a marriage to be "happy", both men and women should be well versed in the arts of pleasure- both carnal and cerebral. Some even refer to it as a marriage manual. That's it! I'm buying stock! Everyone of my friends that gets married now gets a copy of Kama Sutra for their wedding present.

A few topics that Valsyayana covers stunned me! I just HAVE to see if this is all true! I gotta see it with my own eyes- STAT! Like- "a man who fails to provide and bring about pleasure is subject to a woman's recourse, that is, to seek pleasure elsewhere where she may find it" oh shit! You better deliver boy! Also he states that one of his main goals in life is the pursuit of kama (pleasure). You hedonistic bastard ;) There's also chapters on "ways to get money from him" and "ways to get rid of him". Gold diggers!! If THAT wasn't enough to peak your interest, then how about the practice of homo eroticism between women. He talks about women in harems pleasing each other because there is only one husband shared by all. I knew it!!! As I have always said- I was born in the wrong century. Now, the wrong country as well!

One website even said that there are buildings in India that have pics of couples in different sexual positions. Fuck! Now I have to visit India! "Ooooh! Today lets go the the Taj Mahal." Fuck the Taj Mahal in all its marble glory! I'm here to see "the Tigress" depicted in stained glass at a monastery!

Finally- on to the reason I mentioned kama sutra on a BDSM blog. One site stated that "the text focuses on power in the relationship" and "the man is the active agent and the young woman is the passive locus". The first writing on D/s? Maybe! Fuck yeah! Of course I know that was just the times- back in the day us women had no power. But to actually sit down and read a text that talks about such things as if it is "THE way" to do it- I'm so interested! D/s, kama sutra style! Plus I just have to see what other freaky things this Val guy has to say!

Excuse me- I have to go read up on kama!


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